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Recap: Graduate School Year 2

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End of graduate school year 2: Where has the time gone?

It is the end of my 2nd year in graduate school, and in a few days I will take my qualifying exam. A few days after that, I will begin graduate level classes again, and the time will keep ticking away. Experiments are planned, writing pieces are planned, trips have been paid for, now all that is left is me to finish it all up.

This year, I learned a lot about myself, and my goals. I’ve learned a ton about new scientific methods, about analyzing data efficiently, and about seeking resources outside of my department/lab. I’ve grown to appreciate co-workers and friends in a new light, and I’ve also grown to depend more on myself than others.

This year I also got married (NBD, right?), adopted a cat (I thought I was a dog person until I met Candy Cane), and moved in with my wife (the suburbs might not be for us). Below are a few pictures from the year. From cats to science, I’ve loved it all.

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  1. I love the honeycomb comment – my first thought when asking random people to take pictures for me is “They could run away with that stupid phone… And I sing get my picture!”

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