Best hotels in Los Angeles: Meyer & Renee Luskin Center

Y’all–you know that I never stay in hotels. I didn’t grow up traveling, and never really stayed in a hotel until I began interviewing for graduate school. One of the amazing things about science is that every now and then you will get to travel to an exciting new city and get to know the world…& also get to know how welcoming hotels can be! I’m sure I’ll review more hotels as the years pass by, but I am confident that the Meyer & Renee Luskin Center is one of the best hotels in Los Angeles.

I’m a homebody 24/7, and an introvert all the way. I don’t like flying, I struggle with networking, and I hate an unwelcoming hotel room. As someone who is generally picky about hotels, I cannot stress how wonderful my experience was this past week! I went to the International Headache Academy in Los Angeles, California, and stayed in the UCLA Meyer & Renee Luskin Center Hotel.

The UCLA Luskin Center was such a wonderful stay. It was about 30 minutes from the airport, has a restaurant on the first floor, has 2 business centers with computers for guest use, and has a huge meeting room on the first floor. What I didn’t know before going was that Meyer Luskin is kind of really amazing, too. Meyer is a UCLA graduate, and used to take the bus to UCLA to get his degree. From humble beginnings, he is now the CEO of Scope Industries, and has donated a very generous amount towards migraine research.

ucle meyer luskin center los angeles international headache academyAs soon as you step in the door, you are greeted by a very homey set up. There is an overhead light, as well as this table with a place for ice/drinks, and a mirror. I felt like this was a nice touch that made the room have an apartment feel, as opposed to just another hotel room.

ucla meyer luskin conference hotel center

I know most hotel rooms have coffee pots, but this specialized space for a Keurig really brought the whole room together. Because of the time difference, I would wake up at 4am and drink both K-cups of coffee before breakfast time. Since I didn’t bring my laptop with me, I would wake up and read or just scroll through Instagram and Facebook.

ucle meyer luskin conference center

The bathroom was very spacious, and the water pressure was just right. Sometimes I worry that hotels won’t have vanity mirrors, but this hotel had 1 vanity mirror, as well as the best toiletries. Usually, hotel toiletries leave my skin feeling dry and are not of great quality. At the Luskin Center, Mistral products were everywhere to be found.

meyer luskin conference center ucla

This is another view of this gorgeous bathroom. Aside from how comfortable the room is, I think it’s important to note what food/entertainment is nearby. The Meyer Luskin Center has a restaurant on the 1st floor, Plateia. It has great reviews on Yelp, and I can see why! It’s Mediterranean-inspired, gratuity-free, and very environmentally friendly.

ucla meyer luskin conference center

Since I flew in so late on Thursday, I ended up ordering room service from Plateia. I ordered the grilled cheese and duck fat fries, and received the food very quickly. Their utensils are compostable, as well as the box the food arrived in.

Hands down–I completely recommend considering staying in the Meyer Luskin center if you’re in the UCLA area. If you’re in the LA area, I also recommend checking out Plateia for a lunch date.

What are your favorite places to stay in LA?

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