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This past weekend was a blur. I left work early on Friday to drive down to St. Louis for a marriage workshop. My wife and I didn’t get back home until Sunday evening, and I was completely drained. I tried to watch the Superbowl Show to relax, but it just riled me up. Instead, I browsed through Twitter & Instagram & found these great STEM initiatives.

Creativity + STEM

1// UNTOUCHD MAGAZINE | a lifestyle magazine for women inspired by tech

UNTOUCHD stem creatives

In a galaxy far, far away, I ended up going into computer science and became this great back-end web developer. I like to take coding classes online, and always jump on any programming workshops that are available on campus. I’ve been exposed to SAS, SPSS, R, and some coding languages, but no way am I proficient in any way whatsoever. I know that there are a lot of computational neuroscientists, and I wonder if there’s any other way we can merge the worlds of coding and science research. Be sure to subscribe & stay tuned to the subsequent issues of UNTOUCHD!


2// INTERSTELLATEa collection of thoughts

Interstellate STEM creatives

When I first started doing research as an undergrad, I was given “grunt work”. Back then, that meant that I sat at the cryostat for hours and stained tissue for days. Then I’d take pictures of the tissue and analyze it. Although it was “grunt work”, I fell in love with the images. As time went on, that awe turned into a deep respect for biology and how systems work. Interstellate is a collection of images, with the purpose of fostering neuroscience outreach. The images are gorgeous, and the curator is accepting new images for the 2nd volume now!


3// TWO PHOTON ART | creating science art, zines, pins and patches

two photon stem creatives

Two Photon Art makes all types of goodies for scientists and science enthusiasts. Two Photon Art makes pins, patches, and zines. I find that the topics of the zines are very interesting, and that the pins and patches are very gender neutral. Also, there’s a free pdf for Black History Month available now!

What are your mid-week pick-me-ups?

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