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Lifestyle / Friday, April 21st, 2017

Not going to lie, I loved having a short week. There’s nothing better than spending Monday with family, especially if that includes an adorable baby! I visited Atlanta last weekend, and I am now back in Chicago. One of my favorite parts about going home is seeing the cultural difference between Midwesterners and Southerners. Hands down, I am a Southern girl all the way. I love the sun, taking my time, and buttered biscuits. I was not looking forward to coming back to Chicago, but I am happy to be back with Shey and Candy Cane. To recap all that’s good, I’ve gathered a few of my favorite things for Friday.

Why I’m celebrating Friday:

celebrating friday

Spring, is that you? There is no more snow (hopefully) and I am not wearing socks. I still have to wear a jacket, but I sense some sun dresses in my near future. When I first started applying to graduate schools, I chose to apply to schools in cities that I liked. I did not even consider the weather, or how bad traffic could be. Had I known that I disliked the cold so much, I would’ve probably applied to graduate school in Southern states. Or, you know, Puerto Rico.

celebrating friday

Blog, meet Melanie Grace. Melanie Grace, meet blog. Melanie has the best temperament, and is always laughing (or sleeping). We celebrated her 1st birthday this past weekend, and she loves cake. I am so amazed at how much we have in common. No, really. Why do I, a late twenty-something, have so much in common with a 1-year old? I feel like I, too, should celebrate my birthdays with pastel de tres leches and some carne asada with family.

celebrating friday

This week has been amazing in terms of my PhD journey. I was selected as a recipient of the Provost Deiss Award at UIC. This means that I will be receiving funds to travel to St. Louis to collaborate with another pain researcher. I was also selected as a semi-finalist for the Pat Tillman Scholarship. THIS IS SO EXCITING. I feel so grateful to receive funds to further my thesis. And to even be considered for the Pat Tillman Scholarship, along with other military members and spouses, is amazing.

How are you celebrating Friday?

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