Rebate Apps for Beginners

Due to my recent realization of how insanely in debt I am, I’ve turned over a new leaf. You will now find me printing coupons, downloading mobile coupons, and using a handful of rebate apps. After 1 trip to Walmart ($103.28), I saved $4.30 in coupons. Let it be known that I was owed 33 cents, but the self check-out kiosk wouldn’t accept my coupon and I got overwhelmed and let it go.

I asked my sister (an intense couponer), checked in with The Penny Hoarder and Making Sense of Cents, and decided to try my hand at the money-saving world.


I got $4.00 back from this receipt. Ibotta is great for getting cash back on household and kitchen items. They feature stores like Amazon, Walmart, Target, and CheapoAir. If you’re in the store and are not sure if you’d get cash back for an item, click on the magnifying glass at the top right. A barcode symbol will appear. Click on the barcode and scan the item to double check. You can request a cash withdraw when you’ve accrued $20.00 cash back. If you use my referral link provided, I get a little sumn-sumn (AKA something-something, AKA $5) in my account.


I got $1.00 back from this receipt. This app is great for getting cash back on veggies/fruits, and they were super quick to accept my receipt. I don’t use a lot of the things they offer rebates for, but I see myself needing this app when I have children. Or I might want some juice boxes for work. You can request to withdraw cash when you hit $20.00.


I got $0.26 back from this receipt. I don’t understand the math behind this app, but I think you get 1% back from every receipt. So far I have $5.50 in my account because they give you a 500 point start-up bonus. You can cash out when you hit $25.00. If you use my referral code (LAURASEG744), I earn $1 in my account!


I got 20 coins & 1 sweepstakes entry from this receipt. Unlike the other apps, this app is based off of a coin system. You can submit as many receipts as you want, & they can be from the market, restaurants, etc. The only annoying thing about this app is that you have to wait to accumulate 1000 coins to cash out $5 from Paypal. If I did my math right, that means that I got $0.10 cents toward my cash out, since each coin is worth 0.5 cents.


I got 25 points for this receipt. This app is based off of a point system. Submit all of your receipts and they’ll give you 100 points per 4 accepted receipts. After 1000 points, you can cash out. After you get 400 points, you can get an Amazon gift card for $1. In essence, that means that after 16 receipts you will get $1 back. Each receipt is worth 6 cents. For this app, it doesn’t matter if you spend $100 or $1 on a receipt. As long as it is accepted, it will count for 25 points.

In the end, I ended up saving about 9.4% of my total. I felt like it was taxing at first, but with planning I can see how couponing and rebate-ing can be beneficial.


What rebate apps do you use?

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