Friday Wrap Up

Graduate School Experience, Laura, Lifestyle / Friday, June 9th, 2017

I’ve been dreaming about Friday since Tuesday. We have 2 new lab members, and guess who is training them? Me! I am also working on my own experiments, writing, & have had lot of meetings lately. Some people find the busy-ness  of academia invigorating, and others (like me) find it draining. I’m much more comfortable working on a schedule, having structured guidelines, and accomplishing set goals. Very Type-A, huh? With that being said, I also have had a really rough time getting good customer service from my new apartment management. I’m dreading having to deal with them again.

friday wrap up laura segura moye

On the up side, a few amazing things happened this week.

I paid off 1 private student loan!

I have been saving 10% of my income since I was in high school. You’d think that I would’ve saved up billions by now, but that’s not true. An emergency would come up, or I would help with bills, or I would pay for school. Regardless, I have some savings and I decided to put down ~$5000 to pay off 1 private student loan with a 7.9% interest rate. I was essentially losing money by having it deferred. After much thought, I decided to transfer the money from savings to the loan and build my savings back up again.

I submitted the final draft of my discussion!

I have been working on my first data-driven paper for the past few weeks. After staring at the discussion for days, I could not think of anything else to add. I handed it off to my PI for her to read it over and provide feedback. Hopefully, the paper will be in an editor’s hand somewhere by the end of June.

I got chosen as a Tillman Scholar!

pat tillman laura moye

I can’t even believe this is real. I’m so excited about attending the summit in July, and I can’t wait to hear about what the other military spouses and veterans are passionate about. This whole experience has been so surreal, and I cannot be more proud of the Tillman Scholars.

laura segura moye

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