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It’s been a while since I posted, and there are several reasons for that. 1) I’ve genuinely been busy with graduate school/life and prioritized experiments and data analysis over my blog. And 2) If I didn’t feel it was worthy to write (i.e. something you could actually use in the future or gained new knowledge from) that maybe it wasn’t worth posting. A lot of times bloggers get into this rut where they think that all of their posts aren’t good enough, or aren’t marketable enough, or just aren’t fun enough. And maybe that’s true, and that’s what 28 will be about. My birthday was earlier this month (November 2nd!), and I spent it in the most adult way possible. I went to lab in the morning, went to a new internship I just started (Yay! Spontaneity!), and got Pad Thai for dinner.Β Isn’t Pad Thai the yummiest?

celebrating birthday

Chicago got its first snow of the year, and this is the view from my balcony! I remember my 1st winter in Chicago, and how completely unprepared I was for it. In many ways I was very naive and idealistic. Turning 28 has made me think about this idealism, and whether Chicago has been good/bad for me. I came to Chicago for graduate school, but in many ways that is just an excuse. I wanted to leave my home state and see whether there was anything more for me outside of suburban Georgia. I loved neuroscience and figured,Β “I might as well do what I love while I figure life out.”Β 

I still enjoy neuroscience and basic science research, but I also have found out that I’m passionate about other things, too. My heart has expanded to include these other passions, like my wife, my cat, finance, photography, design, and non-profit work towards ending LGBTQ+ homelessness. Chicago has been good for me in the sense that it’s made me love non-science things, and it’s pushed me well outside of my comfort zones. The city has also been bad for me because I have not always been equipped to handle these new scenarios, or emotionally ready to face these challenges. This is the 2nd to last birthday I’ll be spending in this city, and my intention for the year is to tackle life with confidence. And of course, to love more things.

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