New Year Resolutions

Lifestyle / Sunday, December 31st, 2017

I always make resolutions, but I hardly end up keeping them. They always end up being too ambitious, unrealistic, and based on what I didn’t do enough of the year before. I don’t think it’s emotionally healthy to base your resolutions on your perceived shortcomings, so this year I have very few resolutions.

1. Make time for myself.

My time consists of classwork, lab work, studying, and traveling to see my wife or traveling for work. There’s hardly any time left over for me to indulge in anything that I may like outside of my PhD. This year I’d like to put myself first and do some things that are just for me. Whether that means blogging more or reading more, or maybe just worrying less.

2. Practice discipline.

As Type A as I am, I feel like I really struggle with being disciplined. I tell myself I will do 1 task for 1 hour, and end up putting it off for 2. I tell myself that I will stop doing a task for 15 minutes, and I go-go-go for 3 hours non-stop. I’d like to stick to 1 thing and be consistent with it. Since I’m trying to graduate this year, I feel like this is a must.

3. Take more risks (professionally).

The traditional academic route involves getting a BSc, then maybe a MS, then a PhD, followed by a few postdoctoral fellowships, and then an assistant professorship. There’s nothing wrong with the traditional route, and staying in academia can be very fruitful and meaningful. At this point in my career, I am interested in exploring non-academic options, specifically within the finance industry as a research analyst or in pharmaceutical industry as a R&D scientist. There’s aΒ tonΒ of things you can do with a PhD, but graduate school programs may not always share that information. As I begin to explore post-PhD jobs, I want to take more risks by networking and trying out new internships around Chicago.

Have a happy new year, y’all!

NYE resolutions

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