My name is Laura, and here you’ll find a little bit more about the girl behind the glasses.

I’m currently wrapping up my PhD in Neuroscience, where I specialized in understanding how the opioid system regulates chronic pain, specifically after traumatic brain injuries. My favorite part about research is the feeling of accomplishment after you’ve cracked the code and can better understand the inner workings of a complex system. After I graduate, I plan on learning how to code in a few different languages so that I can analyze large data sets. Ultimately, I would like to merge my knowledge about neuroscience with my passion of technology and establish myself as a research analyst/data scientist. Feel free to contact me if you’d like to work together!

Eiza Photography
Photo Credit: Eiza Photography

When I’m not analyzing data and writing, I am spending time with my wife and our fluffy cat! Nothing is more important to me than family, and I cherish the time that she and I get to spend together. I have seen her grow as an active duty Marine, and am in awe of her work ethic, generosity, and I am genuinely so lucky we get to live this life together. I can’t wait to grow our family and I’ll definitely be posting about that journey over on the blog, so stay tuned!

As an LGBT military spouse and Pat Tillman Scholar, I am a huge advocate for our active duty military, veterans, and especially my fellow military spouses. The following quote from Marie Tillman resonates with me, and it truly inspires me to live a life that is meaningful.

“When Pat asked me to live, he didn’t mean just that I should travel and have fun, although that was certainly part of it. He also meant that there’s a weight to all of our lives, and he didn’t want me to be frivolous with mine. It was a tragedy that Pat’s life – while fully lived – was cut short. But it’s also a tragedy to live a long life that isn’t meaningful.”

Marie Tillman
Photo Credit: Eiza Photography