Friday Wrap Up

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I’ve been dreaming about Friday since Tuesday. We have 2 new lab members, and guess who is training them? Me! I am also working on my own experiments, writing, & have had lot of meetings lately. Some people find the busy-ness  of academia invigorating, and others (like me) find it draining. I’m much more comfortable working …read more →

June 9, 2017

Fourth of July: Weekend Writing

Graduate School Experience, Laura

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday weekend! I celebrated Independence Day by sleeping in, eating home-made lasagna, and buying some much-needed jeans from American Eagle. I typically get my denim from Target, but I’ve found that the quality of clothes has really deteriorated. I usually love walking into Target and grabbing a cute shirt/dress/pair of jeans as I grocery shop, but …read more →

July 5, 2016